The Power to Crush Those Who Claim You Have Power

I’m trying to understand…

It’s time for the Jewish community to take a seat at the table to use our power as institutional investors to ensure corporations are aligned with our values, and don’t fall for #antisemitic and anti-Israel pressures. That’s why we’re bringing @jlensnetwork under @ADL’s umbrella.

…this organisation will try to harm (financially and socially) people who claim that there are Jews who organise as a Jewish community to use their power to promote their interests… but then they openly claim to be doing exactly that?

I wouldn’t fault Jews for having an in-group preference–it’s natural and groups who don’t are the exception not the norm. But if we accept that, then we can’t really expect multiculturalism to work.

So it’s not really clear what the official/non-“hate” position is on this. Is it hateful to notice when some members of an ethnic group act collectively to further the interests of that ethnic group, and to consider the sociological implications of this? Or is it hateful to not be in favour of members of this ethnic group acting collectively to further their interests (which necessitates noticing it)–and just this specific ethnic group?

Is what the ADL is doing bad, or is it bad to say that what the ADL is doing is bad?

Might be about time we get this stuff clarified. Not really a fun topic, given that even just revealing that you’ve thought about these things opens you up to be accused of what the modern world considers to be the greatest sins (but if you know yourself, and you know that you don’t hate people because of their ethnicity, and you know you don’t just secretly want to do a racial genocide, etc., then it can be easy to risk this silly slander).

But it’s also a topic that’s becoming less abstract and less remote. The Canadian census doesn’t included ethnicity anymore, but if you extrapolate from when it did, Winnipeg becomes minority white right about now. Maybe it already is, mass immigration has been increasing every year. It’s one thing to be a hated race when you’re the majority, and it’s another thing to be South Africa. That’s obviously not inevitable, but even if it’s not likely, this kind of thing is absolutely a legitimate concern. I don’t want my kids to be members of a hated minority.

I don’t know what the solution is, I really don’t like the idea of treating people differently based on their ethnic group, even as some kind of “defensive” necessity. But I think the best options are available when we’re honest about what is happening and are motivated from genuine love rather than what’s comfortable or expedient.

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