The Swiss Cheese Respiratory Virus Pandemic Defence

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Cheese

There’s always more we can do.

There are always more layers that can be added to filter out more risk of the virus and to make it even less likely that someone might die from it.

If anyone ever thinks that there are enough layers, or opposes any particular layer, then they can be accused of murder, because not doing more means choosing to let people die–and it never stops.

We can never make it impossible for people to die, so we can always make it less likely. We can never make the risk go down to zero, so there’s always the possibility that we can do something more to reduce the risk.

We can spend more money (borrowed from an ever-growing international banking system), we can tread on more human dignity, we can give up more personal choice and power, we can impose more inconvenience, we can sacrifice more culture and arts, and so on.

Regardless of how marginal the improvement would be, or even of how certain we are that there would be an improvement, there’s always more we can do.

But there is such a thing as too much cheese.

In the Swiss cheese model, each extra slice is good because it filters more; that’s all there is to the Swiss cheese model. This works well enough for this one dimension of risk, for this single aspect of life.

But if you don’t have anything other than the Swiss cheese model, if you don’t value or focus on anything other than the threat of this virus, then you’re onboard for a never ending Babylonian tower of cheese.

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